Sunil Ramlall - President, Strategic HRM Consulting, LLC

Talent Management

Consulting & Training - Designed to Improve Performance and Drive Competitiveness.

We offer a wide variety of training programs and seminars and will customize these to your organization's needs.  We guarantee you improved performance at the individual, process, and organizational levels.  Here are some examples of our offerings:

HR Strategy

Sunil Ramlall -- Consultant and Professor

HR Strategy Development - we will collaborate to identify competitive strategies to create sustainable competitive advantages.

HR Metrics

We will identify relevant measures and evaluate the impact of HR strategies on organizational outcomes. 

Positive Organizations

Positive Work Environment - We think of a thriving workforce as one in which employees are not just satisfied and productive but also engaged in creating the future—the company’s and their own. Thriving employees have a bit of an edge—they are highly energized—but they know how to avoid burnout. What is the role of happiness at work? How does work lend itself into defining one's purpose of life?

Executive Coaching & Leadership Development

We will help to mentor your high potential employees, new managers/leaders, and provide leadership training.

Supervisory Management Training

Individualized organizational training for new managers to excel in their roles. Build in-house university type curriculum to develop employees' expertise.